Knowsley 2030

What is Knowsley 2030?

Building on Knowsley Better Together principles, Knowsley 2030 is the new long-term partnership strategy for the borough. It will set out what type of place we (council, partners, residents, community groups and businesses) want Knowsley to be in ten years’ time, alongside an action plan detailing how this will be achieved.

When will it be launched?

The strategy will be launched in the summer of 2020 and guide the work of Knowsley Council and its partners over the next ten years.  Its development is being overseen by the Knowsley Better Together Board; Knowsley’s strategic partnership, made up of representatives from the public, private and community sectors.  The strategy is being co-produced with input from residents, businesses and local organisations from across Knowsley.

How was the strategy developed?

The people who live and work in Knowsley know their place better than anyone, therefore this strategy is the culmination of an extensive year-long process to gather information and better understand what our communities and businesses think of Knowsley today and what they want Knowsley to be like in 2030.

What are the key themes and findings?

From the evidence gathered so far, we have identified a number of key themes. They are:

  • Aspirations and opportunities

  • Education, training and careers

  • Green spaces

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Housing

  • Jobs and skills

  • Using regeneration and new developments to drive change

  • Transport

  • Welcoming and safer communities

We have worked with our communities on these themes and by 2030, we want Knowsley to be a place…

  • with a thriving, inclusive economy, with opportunities for people and business.

  • with welcoming, vibrant neighbourhoods and town centres.

  • where people are active and healthy, and have access to the support they need.

  • where people of all ages are confident and can achieve their full potential.

  • where safe and strong communities can shape their future.

To achieve these aims and ensure that everyone can share in Knowsley’s future, there are some challenges which we will need to work together to address:

  • Removing barriers to aspirations, including through foundation years. Ensuring all Knowsley children get the best start in life and that everyone can achieve their own aspirations.

  • Developing skills for the future. Ensuring that residents of all ages have the right skills to take advantage of current and future opportunities

  • Improving mental wellbeing and reducing social isolation. Ensuring all Knowsley residents can maintain positive mental wellbeing throughout their lives.

  • Improving connectivity for all. Ensuring all Knowsley residents can access the places and services that are important to them through high quality public transport.

  • Responding to the Climate Emergency. Reducing carbon emissions in Knowsley and working with local communities to enable a cleaner, greener future.

Thank you to all of the residents, community groups, schools, local businesses and other partners who have taken the time to share their experiences of living, working or spending time in Knowsley.

How can I find out more?

Our Knowsley Better Together approach is all about everybody playing their part in the future of the Borough; working in partnership with each other and listening to our communities. This means there are still further opportunities to help shape the strategy. These will continue to be shared as this work progresses and you can keep up-to-date and follow the conversation on this page and on Twitter.

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Knowsley 2030 on Twitter

Follow Knowsley 2030 on Twitter