Following consultation with communities in 2020, the Knowsley 2030 Strategy has been developed and outlines how everyone wants Knowsley to be in 2030.

The strategy focusses on five outcomes that by 2030, Knowsley will be a place:-

  • where strong and safe communities can shape their future

  • where people are active and healthy, and have access to the support they need

  • where people of all ages are confident and can achieve their full potential

  • with a thriving, inclusive economy with opportunities for people and business

  • with welcoming, vibrant, well-connected neighbourhoods and town centres

Significant progress has been made to date since the Knowsley 2030 Strategy was approved in 2020.

This includes:-

  • Supporting residents into employment and a further 8,000 people will be supported into employment over the next three years.

  • Partners have, and continue to, work together to tackle anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse. Knowsley Council has invested £1m to tackle crime and improve safer communities

  • One Knowsley is developing a volunteering digital platform to encourage take-up and match volunteers to volunteering opportunities.

  • LIVV Housing Groups is developing partnership networks to support more local social enterprises and charities, encouraging them to grow and become more sustainable.

  • A £3m Knowsley Better Together Hardship Fund has been established to support vulnerable residents in need with the provision of essentials such as food and heating.

  • Extensive progress has been made through the town centre regeneration plans – construction and opening of the retail development in Kirkby, more shop front improvements and food /drink outlets opening in Huyton Village Centre and Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot opened on 15 July 2022.

Next steps

The Knowsley Offer is being developed with agencies and communities coming together to identify what is needed to support our people and communities to thrive.