Project Description


New and established businesses working together in Prescot town centre.

Prescot town centre is currently undergoing a major transformation with the construction of a Shakespeare North Playhouse being the catalyst. As well as a range of established businesses, many new independent businesses are choosing to call Prescot home and there has particularly been an increase in new bars and restaurants. What is abundantly clear in Prescot town centre is that there is a strong business community, all supporting one another and working together to support new businesses opening, promoting Prescot and attracting more visitors into the town centre.

14 businesses are open and 7 are due to open
visitors will be brought to the area by the Shakespeare North Playhouse
increase of goods and services estimated during the construction of the theatre
annual increase in goods and services value following the 2021 opening of the Shakespeare North Playhouse

Prescot is becoming a thriving town with a developing night-time economy and more businesses in the process of opening. In 2018, 11 new businesses opened their doors and 3 more so far in 2019 with another 7 planned for the rest of the year.

The Shakespeare North Playhouse will be a distinctive visitor attraction generating over 140,000 new visitors to the area from across the UK and internationally. It is estimated that the project will increase the value of goods and services produced in the city region by £13 million during construction and by £5.3 million each year following its opening in 2021.

In recognition of working better together for the benefit of the town, a number of independent businesses were presented with a Judge’s Choice Award at the 2018 Knowsley Business Awards to acknowledge their support and commitment to Prescot town centre.


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